It's gonna be a short summer for Bossier Parish students.  The Bossier Parish School Board (BPSB) voted 9-3 to start the 2017-2018 on August 2nd, a full week earlier than school started last year.  That means this summer's vacation break will be only 9 weeks long.

What happened to allowing time for kids to just be kids?  I realize that times are a lot different from when I was a kid; when summer meant riding my bike all over creation, staying outside until the street lights came on.  Now instead of playing Kick The Can in the neighbor's yard, kids are inside playing Minecraft or Mario Kart8 Deluxe.  My mother couldn't get us kids in the house, and today's moms can't get theirs out.

So, why is Bossier Parish starting so early?  The teachers want it that way.  Given the option of starting school the same time as last year, or starting on August 2nd with a full week's break in October, the teachers chose the latter.

The three members of BPSB who voted against the August 2nd start date said that a week's break in October would be a burden on parents whose children are in day care. That obviously didn't sway the other school board members who sided with the teachers.

So how did the parents vote on this issue?  They didn't because they were not included in the voting process.

The calendar will only be good for the 2017-2018 school year and a new one will have to be approved next year.



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