We're two weeks out from the 2016 NFL Draft, and what will probably be the biggest move of the whole thing has already happened. News broke early this morning that the Los Angeles Rams (yeah, remember that happened too) have acquired the #1 overall pick from the Tennessee Titans.

Now we can get into all the details of what the Rams gave up, and how bad it will be for their future, but instead, let's look at what this does right away.

A couple of weeks ago, I broke down what the Dallas Cowboys could be looking to do in the Draft, and a big part of that was trying to predict the trades that could happen. Now we have this one throwing a wrench into any of those plans.

The reports that are coming along with this trade news says that the Rams are positioning to take a quarterback. Early favorite is North Dakota State's Carson Wentz, but any of the other top QBs are in play too. Which would make it more difficult for the Cowboys to snag one at #4 if that was the plan. Cleveland is picking at #2, and they could look for a QB there, but they did just sign Robert Griffin III, so they may look to get a blue chip guy at another position.

So if the Rams and Browns both go QB, we can safely eliminate that QB-option from the Cowboys plans (unless they trade up to #2). But what it DOES do, is pave the way for a monster defensive player.

If we see QBs at #1 and #2, San Diego at #3 could take highly rated Tackle Laremy Tunsil from Ole Miss, a guy who has been looked at for a possible #1 overall spot. But the Chargers could use defensive help too, so they could take the gigantic DE from Oregon, DeForest Buckner, or break Cowboys fans hearts by selecting Ohio State DE Joey Bosa.

Ohio State v Maryland
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Joey Bosa has been projected at the NFL level in a mold like JJ Watt...which has the fans of another Texas NFL team (looking at you Cowboys fans) salivating.

If the Chargers do crush Cowboys fans Bosa-filled-dreams, there's still plenty of value on the defensive side for Dallas; Buckner will be there, Florida State corner-back Jalen Ramsey would be an instant upgrade to the secondary, and UCLA linebacker Myles Jack is a guy that I've planned for the Cowboys to take for months.

Yeah, I've been predicting Jack as the #4 overall pick, but with today's trade news, knowing that there's going to be a QB taken off the board at #1, the odds on Bosa being available at #4 have increased, so now I want to switch my pick.

As of today, I predict that with the #4 overall pick in the 2016 NFL Draft, the Dallas Cowboys select, Joey Bosa, defensive end, Ohio State.

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