If Blake Shelton is a fan of Adam Levine’s new hair color he sure has a funny way of showing it. The country singer didn’t pass up an opportunity to crack on his ‘The Voice’ bromance partner on Monday, lobbing not one, not two, but three shots toward the new blond.

“Both my wives are blonde now,” Shelton said after the show. During the show Levine’s platinum look was the target of jokes from everyone on the panel, except for the blonde Shakira who insisted that blondes have more fun.

Usher compared Levine to Bruce Willis’ character in the 1997 film ‘Fifth Element.’ While Shelton compared him to Miley Cyrus, fitness guru Susan Powter and another famous ‘90s actress.

“That’s Adam? I thought Meg Ryan was sitting in with us tonight for a second there."

Levine took it in stride, as he’s prone to doing in his new roll as the show’s whipping boy. He told People he didn’t have an explanation.

"I woke up. I had the day off and I thought I'd look like Shakira,” he says. “My mom hates it. I kind of felt like that would happen.”

The show returns to NBC tonight at 8PM ET.

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