If you're intrigued by things that go 'bump' in the night, you'll love this series based in New Orleans chock full of vampires, witches and werewolves!

How have I missed out on this series for so long? I found it the other night on Netflix and since then, I've been binge watching the first series. I'm talking about The Originals. Imagine my surprise when I looked it up on IMDB and discovered it's been out since 2013 on The CW and already has 92 episodes to it's credit.

I'm already a fan of all things filmed in Louisiana, New Orleans in particular. Let's face it, New Orleans is basically a unique character all on it's own. I'm also a fan of supernatural books, movies and tv shows... Especially, Charlaine Harris' Southern Vampire Mysteries, which spawned the True Blood series and Anne Rice's Vampire Chronicles and Mayfair Witch series... Hence, the Interview with a Vampire movies.

I'm only a few episodes into The Originals, but so far this is what I've been able to surmise: The Mikaelson siblings flee from their homeland in days of old by boat and end up on the shores of Louisiana near New Orleans. Four of the siblings are vampire and one is a hybrid, half vampire, half werewolf, the first of his kind... the result of his mother having an extra-marital affair with a werewolf prior to the entire family being turned. The siblings fled from their murderous father, who couldn't get over his wife's adultery. The family are the first ever vampires, hence, the 'originals.'

The siblings make New Orleans their home for many years and are forced to leave at some point. When they return, they find their trusted progeny Marcel, thought to be dead, had taken over their city in their absence and betrayal, deception and treachery ensue! Throw in subjugated witches and a pregnant werewolf and things get really interesting, really fast!

I don't want to give too much away, plus, I need to watch more! I have a feeling I know what I'll be doing this weekend! Only 90 more episodes to go! In short, if you're looking for something to binge on, give The Originals a chance. I think you'll enjoy it!

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