Once again this year the Texas Bigfoot Conference will be coming to nearby Jefferson. Scheduled dates for this year's event are October 16, 17 and 18.

Jefferson, widely known as the Bigfoot Capital of Lone Star State will once again be filled with believers from across the globe for the 19th annual conference.

The three day event will take place at the Jefferson Tourism and Visitor Center in downtown Jefferson.

It was just two years ago that the city was officially recognized across the state as the Bigfoot Capital of Texas. The area around the tiny, east Texas town has been the site of numerous Bigfoot sightings through the years.

According to conference officials, the conference will be capped at 75 percent capacity - about 250 guests - because of COVID 19 restrictions currently in place. Masks must be worn to the event and any person not wearing a mask will be denied access.

This year's confirmed speakers and presenters include Bigfoot authorities Cliff Barackman from the North American Bigfoot Center, Animal Planet's "Finding Bigfoot" star, Lyle Blackburn, self-proclaimed Texas Monster Hunter, Ken Gerhard and Ed Owen from the Dallas Bigfoot Society.

In addition to the Bigfoot experts, visitors to the conference will also be able to see "proof" of the legendary creature, including collected physical evidence and plaster footprint casts.

For more information about Jefferson's Texas Bigfoot Conference, including a complete list of speakers and events, a weekend itinerary and to purchase tickets, JUST CLICK HERE!



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