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Sometimes it seems like the great state of Louisiana is magnet for natural disasters.  I grew up in East Texas (which is not that far away), and we had bad weather every now and then - but nothing like the natural disasters that visit the Sportman's Paradise year after year.

It should come as no surprise then that Louisiana State University's new degree program is focused on "Disaster Planning and Preparedness."  The new focus is part of LSUS's Masters in Non-Profit Administration plan.  This degree plan will help students prepare for a career with non-profit organizations, and as we have seen this year (especially in Louisiana) non-profits have been regularly dealing with destruction in the wake of super-storms.

The "what to do after a disaster strikes" part of this instruction will come in particularly handy if you end up working for an organization like the Red Cross or the Cajun Navy - groups that are usually among the first on the scene when disaster strikes.  According to the press release from LSUS, the course is 100% online and should only take 12 months to complete.

If you're worried about getting a job after you graduate, just know folks with this kind of training are in high demand.  Last year alone, there were 14 separate billion-dollar disasters totaling more than $45 billion in damages.  I can't imagine 2020 was kinder to the human race either, so I'm sure demand for qualified experts is even higher now.

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