How can we safely navigate through trick-or-treating this year? If you are tasked with taking Spiderman and Elsa out trick-or-treating this year you can thank an Ohio man who came up with the candy chute. The candy chute is designed with safe social distancing in mind.

The only problem with the viral candy chute is your house needs to have some kind of steps to be able to have the height to send the candy down. The candy chute needs help from good ole gravity. What about all of us who don't have porches with steps? How can we socially distance and still make our trick-or-treaters get excited when they walk up to our house?

Thompson Woodworks' YouTube account saved the day and they even included a little something for the parental units. "A little early but here’s my solution for a socially distanced Halloween😁🎃. Yes, I asked my family and neighbors to dress up their kids for my silly video. They did get candy out of the deal. I included some treats for the parents as well. I used a cable and some pulleys to create a zipline. I used a fishing reel to retrieve the beer caddy."

Now I am trying to find a way to take my nieces trick or treating. Yes, I want in on this generous redneck ingenuity. I now officially have new life goals, or maybe just some Halloween goals.

Thomspon Woodworking YouTube
Thomspon Woodworking YouTube

Want to make your very own epic candy zipline? Follow Matt Thompson Woodworks on Facebook and check out their how-to video that is in the works.

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