Even the biggest college football fans have never heard of this guy, but he just received a full scholarship based on what he does off the field.

Justin Juenemann is a 23-year-old backup kicker for the Minnesota Golden Gophers. He's been on the team for three years, and has never played in an actual game. This upcoming year is his senior year, and his season got kicked off in a pretty unbelievable way.

Despite being a three-year backup, Justin still realized he had an opportunity to make a positive impact in his community.

Justin spends a ton of his limited free time at a nearby children's hospital. In fact, he spends more time there with those patients than any other player on the team. In a recent meeting, one of his friends from the hospital came to pay the coach and the team a visit.

Kyle Tanner, a teenager suffering from a rare bone marrow disease came to speak about the challenges he's faced and how he continues to overcome them. While speaking, he talks about how Justin is his favorite player on the team, because he sees him so often.

Justin also requested if he could shoot the team's new T-Shirt gun. The coach obliges and tells him to shoot it at Justin since he's his favorite player.

Tanner then shoots a T-Shirt straight at Justin, who made an impressive snag and then began to sit down. Once he actually read the shirt, which informed him that he has been given a full scholarship for his senior year, the party was on.

The video below shows that moment in it's entirety, and also shows Justin face timing his ecstatic mother to share the news.

You have to see this!


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