With kids heading back to school over the next couple of weeks, parents are already beginning to see the struggle in their wallet.  According to a national survey done by RetailMeNot, this year will be the most expensive back to school shopping that we've ever done!

In fact, per student, parents will have to ante' up $65 more this year than last year's record high.  Just think about parents of multiple children.  Some will either do some serious charging on their credit cards or have to take out a loan.  And this added $65 doesn't even include the classroom fees, tech fees, art fees or physical education fees, which in some cases could total near $100.

Looks like clothes are still the biggest expense, but coming in a close second place are electronics.

In an article from prnewswire, we learn that new clothes will average $189, up from 2017's $153.  Students' electronics will now cost $186, up from $121 in 2017.  Throw in new shoes at $95, backpacks at $45, art supplies at $24, pencils and pens at $15, folders and notebooks at $15 and all the sanitizers and Clorox wipes and the huge assortment of other necessities and your grand total will average $569.

And the killing part is that when your child returns to school after Christmas break, they'll find they're completely out of pencils.  Just amazes me.

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