The Good News Network is the best place to hide when the news becomes to much to handle emotionally. It is full of great stories that not only inspire others to be better people, but to shine light on the good in the world.

This morning, I was caught off guard by story that almost had me tearing up. The Good News Network reports that a woman in Arkansas was at a department store with her 18 month old son, Owen. They were going up and down the aisles and stopped to look at the toys. Owen was playing with three dinosaurs. His mother told him he could pick one.

Soon after that an elderly man approaches them. The child says, "hi" and the elderly man talks to the child.

“The man got his wallet out and pulled a $20 out, he put it in Owen’s pocket on his shirt and said: ‘I just lost my 2-year-old grandson last week. You take this money and buy this boy all three dinosaurs’, and rubbed Owen’s back, wiped his tears and walked off,” the mother of the boy explains on Facebook, reported by The Good News Network.

This is such a sweet story. If this doesn't brighten your day- I don't know what will.

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