In a strange and tragic turn of events a man is dead as a result of a hit and run along I-45 in Houston. The tragic portion of this story is obviously the death of this unsuspecting man, who was stricken by a motorist while he (the victim) was outside his broken down vehicle alongside the interstate.  The strange part is the fact that the man who hit the victim, did not stop--he kept driving with a crushed windshield and the body of the victim in his front seat.

According to the full story by Dale Lezon in the Houston Chronicle this fatal event has a couple strange twists.

Unfortunately, when the unidentified victim's SUV broke down alongside the Houston Interstate, he attempted to cross the road on foot when the collision occurred. The driver of the Mazda who hit the victim did not stop, he did exit the freeway and continued driving until he was pulled over by police. Upon questioning the driver denied any knowledge of the body being in the car with him.

James Onak

According to Lezon, the driver John Onak, has been charged with "felony failure to stop and render aid and misdemeanor of tampering with evidence."

And yes, it is suspected that Onak was under the influence.





Man's Body Found in Car after Struck:

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