Online retailers have proved to be very stiff competition.

Growing up, Payless Shoe Source was a staple when it came to school shopping. I loved it because we could shop without being hounded by a sales clerk and that BoGo was practically unbeatable. This is something that I have carried with me into adulthood.

So it hurts to see Payless file Chapter 11 bankruptcy.

USA Today is reporting that nearly 400 stores will close across the country and in Puerto Rico. Payless currently has 4,400 stored in 33 different countries. In 2012, they said they were the largest specialty family footwear chain. Now it looks like they have had significant competition from Amazon and Zappos.

It's almost ironic that the one thing I enjoyed about the business could, quite possibly, have lead to this filing. I loved being able to shop on my own, which online shopping can certainly offer. However, I also liked being able to try on shoes before purchasing, something online shopping doesn't offer conveniently.

There has been no word on which locations will be closing up shop. The 400 stores is significantly lower than the 1,000 stores the company originally intended on closing.

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