You know what they say in retail, "you don't really know what you want until you see it."

Ask my husband and he'll tell you that I'm the worst person to shop with. Well, at least when it comes to leisure shopping for clothes or furniture. I like to look at all of my options, browse, ponder and test things out. Everything turns into a career move for me. Having someone to tell me what works and goes together would definitely save some time...

But also cost me a lot more money.

Which is why Amazon Scout is a slippery slope for me. Having someone tell me that I need could result in an instant buy. This new features gives consumers a chance to "'like' or 'dislike' for instant recommendations." Essentially, you've got a list of products and you tell Amazon if you like them or not with a simple click. From those selections, Amazon instantly gives you what it thinks you really want.

Right now, it's only available for clothes or home goods.

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