Isn't that just like Mother Nature? The good citizens of Mandeville used some of their tax money to build a nice place for people to sunbathe, swim, and enjoy the waters of Lake Ponchartrain by investing almost $87-thousand dollars to build a sandy beach.

Low and behold one of the first bathers on the beach turned out to be an alligator. I guess we really shouldn't be surprised by that. This is Louisiana. They do live in Lake Ponchartrain. The beach is a nice place to soak up sun as well.

Alligator experts say that there really isn't much to worry about regarding the alligators. Most of the time if you stay away from them, they will stay away from you. However, the siting of a 'gator has prompted some concern from parents. An alligator can certainly outrun a toddler and the memory what happened to a child near a Disney World lake last year is certainly still fresh in their minds.

By the way, the beach is supposed to be officially dedicated in a ceremony at 9 AM on Saturday. The alligator has not RSVP'd that we are aware of.

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