Put yourself in this ladies shoes for just a minute.  Imagine you're doing that "I Gotta Go" quickstep when you walk into the bathroom and THERE'S A 7 FOOT ALLIGATOR.  Well, if you're me, you probably don't need to go anymore.  It actually happened to this lady in  Palmetto, Florida.  She walks in and there's a 7 foot alligator in her guest bathroom.  Looks like this lady should start doing a few more "house inspections" each week, huh!  Apparently it had just crawled in through a doggie door. Alexis Dunbar, found the gator when she got home Saturday, and thinks it probably came from pond near her home...then crawled under said  a chain link fence and then managed to squeeze through the doggie door she has for her two cats. The minute Dunbar saw the gator, she obviously screamed (Hey, I'd have screamed like a little girl myself) and her boyfriend came running and quickly barricaded the hallway with a small table until officials arrived to remove the animal. Dunbar said her cats, who somehow managed to avoid being "gator lunch" will have to learn to live without the doggie door in the future.