If you've been thinking about the possibility of adopting a rescue dog or a total stray, this story might just tip you over the edge.

In a report from TheDodo.com, we find out that a couple years ago, employees at a gas station in Mexico decided to adopt a stray that had wandered onto the property and basically set up camp.

Reportedly he was malnourished, obviously scared, apparently abused and extremely skittish but after a while of them feeding him each day, he allowed them to give him a bath and get him vaccinated, and he continued to stay put, so they named him "Randy".

Well, their good deeds paid off.  Customers love Randy!  In fact, some stop by just to see him even if they don't need gas.  And earlier this month, he reciprocated the love they'd given him.

Late one night, an employee of the gas station was out working around the pumps when two armed robbers showed up and started beating on him.  That's when Randy woke up and came immediately to his rescue.  He went straight for the robbers and chased them away and a security camera captured all his heroics on video!

The gas station owner says that if Randy hadn't done what he did, he's not sure how the story would have ended but he's pretty sure Randy was showing them just how much he appreciates all the kindness they've shown him.


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