What if I told you that you could instantly take several inches off of your waistline without surgery? I mean I'll take a $24 dress over an invasive surgery any day. Although I go to the gym 5 days a week my waistline is the last thing that is willing to work with me. My waistline is so stubborn it just laughs when I go crazy with cardio.

It turns out I don't need to put so much time and effort into cardio, I could just do what so many women on TikTok are doing. Buy the "optical illusion" dress from Fashion Nova. The name of the dress is "Mind Of My Own Maxi Dress".

For a mere $24 you can take inches off of your waist and look like a "snack" doing so.

Full disclosure here, you won't actually shed those inches, it's just one heck of a dress that will make your waist look like you paid for some expensive plastic surgery.

If you really want this dress you will have to wait, the dress is currently sold out after it went viral on TikTok.

You'll have to ask the dress distributor to keep you in the loop so you can pre-order when it becomes available again.

Nana Castro took to her TikTok @itsnanacastro and made us all believers check out her video below.

@itsnanacastroSo I bought the Viral Waist Illusion Dress ##fyp ##midsize ##tryon ##viraldress ##TreatiestCupContest ##IKnowWhatYouDid♬ Girls Want Girls - Drake

If that video was impressive another video from a TikTok user that goes by @xojemian left me speechless. Is this girl a magician? How do you make your waist basically disappear?

Women everywhere are rushing to get the dress and get put in the notify me section. By women everywhere I am including myself on that list.

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