In Louisiana, you can rest assured, we'll always look at things a bit differently than everyone else... If you don't follow Cajun Giggles on Facebook, you're missing out. When I see a new one that tickles me, I make sure to save it so that I can share it with you!

Who doesn't love a classic '80s movie with Molly Ringwald? I don't know a Louisiana girl who wouldn't take Jake up on his offer!

Here's another iconic '80s movie with Molly Ringwald!

And another Cajun twist on a classic '80s movie!

Who doesn't love baby Yoda and Gremlins?!?!

The writers behind Edward Scissorhands clearly spent time in Louisiana...

Who needs pottery when you have gumbo?

The best part of coming to America is coming to Louisiana for a crawfish boil!

Oh yes, crawfish season is here. Same little pup, same!

Before you know it, we'll be ready for those mosquito trucks and we'll run in the spray like it's a sprinkler without a care in the world. Dangerous chemicals, what?

Cajun Giggles is a fun page on Facebook that describes themselves as, 'Just silly Cajun humor... that will hopefully give you a giggle. That's all, y’all!' All of the content on the page is created by Spaine Edler. I suggest you give them a follow, they always give me a smile and often a much-needed belly laugh!

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