In an attempt to show their love and relationship is genuine, Doug Hutchison (from 'Green Mile') and his new child bride sat down with ABC news for an interview. The couple, who wed this May, states that they did so only after permission from bride Courtney Stodden's parents. Hutchinson is four years older than Courtneys father, who walked her down the isle for the Las Vegas ceremony. From the brides dress to her posturing and facial expressions I am basically screaming, something is not right here.

Doug Hutchison


There is definitely something wrong here. If you do not believe me look at this young girls face at 4:52 in this video, very, very odd facial expressions. They don't sell any form of "normal" to me in this video. Enjoy the awkwardness! Oh, they are "in talks" about a reality television show. . . surprise, surprise.



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