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Powerball Lottery Reaches Third Highest Jackpot
Scott Olson/Getty Images

In October of 2019, someone purchased a Powerball ticket in Shreveport and though it didn't win the grand prize of $110 million, it is still worth $50,000 and that money has yet to be claimed.


According to the Louisiana Lottery website, this ticket was purchased at Centenary Quick Stop at 1911 Centenary Boulevard in Shreveport.  And the scariest part is that, as of this writing, there are only 3 days left for the winner to claim that $50,000 winnings or it will just be forfeited to the state.

Now, I'm not telling anyone what to do or how to handle their business, BUT, if you've purchased a lottery ticket at this location any time in the past, you might want to check to see if you might have accidentally stuffed an old ticket in the console of your car or maybe the junk drawer at the house.  Think about it, there's $50,000 if you find out that was your ticket.

Oh, and if it does belong to you, don't forget who told you to look.....

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