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I thought we'd get a little silly since it's the start of the work week and we could all use a laugh so I decided to ask, 'Tell the five-word mini-story of something you've done sans clothing, Shreveport.' The results were hilarious!

Honestly, what's funnier than a story about someone being caught naked? Not much if you asked me. That's why when I saw this idea, I had to run with it. Before broaching the topic on air though, I wanted to let my friends on social media take a crack at it. But me, being me, I had to lead by example with my own story about being caught nude in five words or less. It goes like this: Let dogs out, neighbor saw. That is one seriously painful memory. I still remember him getting a gander at me in the buff and turning around violently in horror at the sight. Humiliation like that is not something one easily forgets...

Now that you're laughing at my expense, let's laugh at yours. I'm impressed by how succinctly Shreveport is able to get its point across about their naked shenanigans. In fact, one response consists of only one word but conjures up an entire, albeit hysterical, image in one's mind. I hope you enjoy these responses and if you have a story to add, feel free to shoot me a message via our free app or an email at


Traci King Pate

Tracy Agostini
Fell asleep tanning... cops called

Doug Conner
I-220. 120mph. Alcohol was involved.

Hilaree Olson
Swam topless. Friend’s grandpa saw.


Tommy Campbell
Ordered from McDonald’s drive-thru…

Lauren Jackson Wright
Skinny dip in Red River.

Joe Hollay
Chased by AF police... Japan

Jackie Wilson
Honduras Monkey Bite Mexican Z-Pak

staff photo
staff photo

Brandi Breen Brooks
UPS driver- unexpected- wasn’t hubs!

Angelia Taylor
Went skinny-dipping. Caught by cops

Andrea Hollenshead
Frio River, cold and caught

Amanda Doss Bourque
Letting dogs in, sheriff outside

Dance floor
Big Boy Chill

Brandon Mann
Had sex on crowded dancefloor.

Nicole Hackett
Jumped out window, stolen identity.

Neil Patrick Kane
Chased by cops, lost towel

So, one time, at Bodcau...


Tiffani Walker
Roach + robe = front yard stripper

Beverly A. Aubrey
Rode horse in the lake!

Art Nerio ·
Strip medical inspection usaf basic

I guess this confirms one thing, we've got a lot of folks who like to run around naked in Shreveport-Bossier!

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