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I'm not going to lie, chocolates and flowers are great, but they mean more when it's not Valentine's day. I hate cheesy teddy bears, when am I ever going to use those? How much did you pay for these inflated flower prices right now? If you're the couple who still buys gifts for each other on Valentine's day, here are some gifts she will love and use on the regular.

If she hits the gym on the regular, new headphones are the best feeling walking into the gym to dominate 2020. After her pre-workout kicks in of course.

If her phone is always on 10% and she is constantly hogging the car charger.

If you don't kick your mornings off together, this can take the place of that "good morning" text.

Sunday mornings are meant for waffles in bed. This is basically a gift for both of you! Heart-shaped waffles? Come on, I love it!

You know she needs a weighted comfy blanket while she binge-watches "You" for the 3rd time.

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