It was less than a month ago, back in early December, that we reported about a confirmed case of CWD, or Chronic Wasting Disease, in a whitetail deer less than eight miles north of the Louisiana border in southern Arkansas.

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That news led to the Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries immediate banning of supplemental feeding to whitetail deer in the northern Louisiana parishes of Union and Morehouse.

LDWF decided the action was necessary to limit the possible exposure of Louisiana deer to deer carrying the lethal CWD.

And to be clear, as we reported just last week. no Louisiana deer has yet to test positive for Chronic Wasting Disease.

Deer hunters in Louisiana can find some comfort in these initial findings, but a story just released from could initiate more caution for Louisiana's deer population.

They are reporting that the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission has discovered CWD positive deer in an additional four Arkansas counties. Those counties included Randolph, Crawford, Franklin, and Van Buren.  While all of these counties are in the northern half of Arkansas, the case from Randolph County was only about twenty five miles from a confirmed case in southern Missouri and the other positive cases all came from counties adjacent to counties where the disease had already been detected.

The close proximity of these cases sounds the alarm for the Louisiana deer population in that a positive case was literally less than ten miles from the Louisiana border.

Of course, LDWF is continuing their testing, and at this writing, have yet to discover a confirmed case within our border, but one has to wonder if it's just a matter of time before it's here.

Is CWD just like the dreaded wild hog problem the country is experiencing with only two types of deer herds?  Those with CWD and those who will soon have CWD?

Only time will tell.

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