Happy Titanic Sinking Day! Well, that doesn't make sense. It's not really a happy thing. I remember watching the movie Titanic the night it came out in South Park Mall's movie theater. When all the people were in the water, I kept hearing this wailing sound. And of course, everyone was crying, but that wailing was making it WAY worse for me. I remember saying to the person next to me that James Cameron's directing was really dramatic by adding the wailer in the background, crying in misery.

The 2nd (of the 5) time I saw it, there was no wailing. No, that was just someone in the 2nd row wailing at the movie. Wow... ok so anyway.

Did you know there was a Titanic 2?

My initial thought on this was... "How do you have a sequal for that? Is it going to sink twice?" Essentially, yes. Here's the trailer of what must have been the WORST. MOVIE. EVER. (In the defense of the movie, I personally have never seen it, but the quote, "Looks like history is repeating itself," made it too cheesy for me to want to watch it.

Titanic 2 by moviestune

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