I'm not trying to make you sad, but I have just discovered some really depressing statistics.  UK restaurant chain Frankie & Benny's commissioned a survey of 1500 parents and their children.  The results are heartbreaking.

The survey questions were mostly centered around mobile phone usage during dinnertime.  For starters, the data says roughly 25% of parents admitted to checking their phones during dinner time.  While that may be a little sad, the survey also revealed that 23% of moms and dads say they have done so while their child was telling them about their day.  Not sad yet?  10% of children polled said they have hidden their parents phone to get attention, and double that thought that their parents care more about their phone more than them.

To combat this in their restaurant, the BBC reports that the restaurant chain is offering diners a free kids meal if they give up their phones for the duration of the meal.  Honestly, I would love to see restaurants in the Ark-La-Tex (if not across the world)  implement this policy.  For the restaurant, it would allow people to enjoy the atmosphere and each other's company more - which should lead to a more pleasurable dining experience (read - repeat customers).  For families, it could be a cool opportunity to pay attention to some folks you may have been ignoring because of your little electronic friend.



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