One actress actually admitted to keeping her Oscar statue on her toilet!

The 90th Oscars are over and in the books. As many starts stumble back to their homes after a wild night of celebrating (or consoling) we can't help but wonder where those little gold statues will end up. Will they be proudly displayed on a mantle for all to see? Or will they be stuffed in a shoe box and shoved on the top shelf of a closet.

Keep in mind that those little trophies cost about $900 a piece. Not to mention the priceless value they hold within. You would think the Academy would hand out plastic trophies after reading this People Magazine article.

The people at People, asked the stars where those statues end up after they've been taken home and the responses will surprise you.

Here are some of my favorite answers...

Kate Winslet - The Toilet

SFFILM's 60th Anniversary Awards Night - Arrivals
C Flanigan, Getty Images

Would you believe that Kate Winslet keeps her 2009 The Reader Oscrar on "the back of the loo"? I can't believe she admitted that! She explained that everyone wants to hold it, mostly to see how heavy it really is, so why not put it in a place where everyone will find it. Any one else thinking what I'm thinking? Mirror selfie with an Oscar! Let's just hope that little trophy doesn't meet the same fate as Jack in Titanic.

Natalie Portman - Who Knows?

Premiere Of Paramount Pictures' "Annihilation" - Arrivals
Neilson Barnard, Getty Images

Natalie Portman has no idea where her 2011 Black Swan Oscar is. She thinks "it's in the safe or something." Although honored to have one, I'm sure, she tries to steer clear of the focus that's placed on it. She prefers to remember the project she was a part of that got her that trophy.  Also, after reading the story of Abraham to her child, she's trying to teach them not to worship false idols.

Emma Stone - In Undies at Mom's House

Marie Claire's Image Maker Awards 2018 - Arrivals
Rich Fury, Getty Images

Why not send your mom home with your Oscar? That's what Emma Stone did with her 2017 La La Land Oscar. Just like a child presenting mom with their latest crayon and glue stick creation that is destined for the fridge. She also revealed that Jimmy Kimmel sent her a tiny pair of underwear for the little statue... For decency purposes. In case you haven't noticed, all of those little guys are nude.


See the responses of 10 other stars here.

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