Growing Up I Loved Avril Lavigne.

If you didn't try to date a skater boy are you even a Millennial? Avril Lavigne made us all fall in love with what we thought was rock and for many girls my age she got us listening to Good Charlotte and Blink-182. Let's be real, she gave us our first big anthem, "Complicated" which will always be a hit in my book.

Did Avril Lavigne Just Kick Off Her Country Music Career?

The ACM Awards were at the Ryman Auditorium in Nashville and Avril Lavigne performed "No One Needs To Know" as a Shania Twain tribute. How did Shania follow up on the epic performance? She looked at Avril after she received her ACM Poet's Award and said "You should have gone into country music honestly." I mean, it's never too late right?

Watch the epic performance below.

Did You know That Avril Once Won a Radio Contest That Let Her Perform With Shania Twain When She Was 14?

Avril and Shania are both proud Canadians and they are meant to share a stage they do so well with it.

LetsGoShania YouTube Channel
LetsGoShania YouTube Channel

Avril Just Killed It In Nashville Proving She Can Dominate Any Genre.

Country music fans everywhere are begging for more country from Avril, will Avril decide to listen to Shania's advice?

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