This is pure marketing genius straight out of 1955! If I had been alive at the time, I would have begged my parents relentlessly to go out buy as many Grape Nut Flakes as humanly possible!

Could you imagine the legal implications of a pony giveaway today? PETA would have a 'hay' day! Nevermind, the consolation prizes like the Doughboy swimming pools and roller skates. If one kid fell, it would be lawsuit city!

Let's not overlook the two kids playing with guns in the Roy Rogers bunk house. Those toy guns would have this commercial pulled off of the air faster than you could name that pony Brownie!

A quick search found tons of Roy Rogers related Grape Nut items up for grabs on ebay! If you're a fan, you can find pins sporting Roy and Trigger, as well as some old school Grape Nut Flakes cereal newspaper ads.

Here's another old commercial I found on YouTube. Can you imagine an ad featuring this type of violence in 2018? It would never see the light of day!

Happy Trails to you Roy, Trigger and Grape Nut Flakes!

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