Six Flags in New Jersey had to cancel their attempt to set a world record for the Worlds Largest Snowball Fight because of... Snow? Saturday Six Flags Great Adventure was set to try and set a world record for a snow ball fight but after 2-5 inches of snow they decided it was safest to close their doors for the day. Six Flags is located between New York City and Philadelphia just east of Trenton.

NJ1015 reports the local DOT said they were prepared for the storm with “68 salt storage facilities statewide that can hold approximately 228,000 tons of salt. We also have about 716,000 gallons of liquid calcium and 313,000 gallons of brine,”. Flights at nearby airports were delayed but continued to be able to take off throughout the day.

You always hear northerners make fun of us in the south because of how we react during snow storms but I'm not sure I've ever heard of a Snowball Fight being canceled because of snow before!!

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