Guys...this has got to be a trap, right?

Valentine's Day is usually a day set aside to celebrate romance and love with your significant other. But in my opinion, it's just another day. I mean, I'm in a relationship and I'm a typical woman. I love to receive gifts from my honey, but just because it's V-Day doesn't constitute an overabundance of gushy stuff. And it looks like I'm not alone in my opinion.

According to a new survey done by PR Newswire, women in relationships aren't over enthused by this commercialized holiday.

  •  44% of women say they don't want gifts on Valentine's Day
  •  34% of women say they'd rather watch TV than than the alternative (use your imagination)
  • 40% say the corniest thing you can do on Valentine's Day is serenade them and put rose petals on the bed

Don't get me wrong, I like to be fussed over. But ladies, shouldn't that happen EVERY day? Not just February 14th? LOL!!!!


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