Kacey Musgraves put out her album "A Very Kacey Christmas" last year and the album was nothing short of amazing. She brought in Leon Bridges, The Quebe Sisters, and Willie Nelson! I loved her take on Feliz Navidad, she brought in some accordion and made it all her own. The sound throughout the album is very much Kacey Musgraves, once you think you have the sound figured out, you realize you don't. The "Merry Go Round" singer knew she wanted to make the Christmas album unique, and she accomplished it. Have you bought it yet? If not, do yourself a favor and play this album on repeat. From her originals to "I Want a Hippopotamus For Christmas" this Christmas album will have you missing a whimsical Christmas you never had in the best of ways!

Here are three of my favorite songs on her Christmas album which also happen to be Kacey Musgraves originals!

The first one makes me laugh, way too much! "A Willie Nice Christmas" She plans to leave out some really special cookies for Santa, which the thought of, has me dying with laughter.

"Christmas Makes Me Cry" Kacey Musgraves didn't hold back, she basically put it all out there. We all have that person who we lost far too soon and we miss on Christmas. Musgraves has always stayed true to her emotions. THIS IS WHY I AM FOREVER A FAN!

"Present Without a Bow" Has become one of my favorite Christmas songs. The fact that Kacey Musgraves brought in Leon Bridges for this song gave it the cherry on the top! These two Texans made me want to find love and force him to listen to this song on repeat!

Look at you Kacey, doing what you do, breaking all the rules and making us all fall in love with a country, bluesy, whimsical, and somehow a nostalgic Christmas album.

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