A young lady in Michigan has a warning for women, if you find anything on your car at night do not get out of your car to remove it.

Ashley Hardacre works at a mall in Flint, MI and she says that one night after closing she got into her car and noticed a flannel shirt tucked under one of her windshield wipers. She knew that she needed to remove it, but not then.

Ashley's mother warned her of this tactic in the area and she was aware that this could all be part of a plan. A plan to have women get out of their car and subject themselves to danger.

The 19-year-old woman says she noticed two cars, that were both running, parked next to her, thus that's why she waited to remove the shirt at a different location.

According to her Facebook post, Ashley says that she planned to notify security at the mall and she hopes that more women would be aware of what is going around.

Sure, this may have happened in Michigan, but it's good for all women to be aware of this strategy. NEVER get of your car at night to remove anything from your vehicle. You just never know who is around the corner.

Note, the original post/photo of this shirt has since been removed from Facebook.

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