Okay, so this is probably not the right way to handle a situation like this, but you can certainly sense this lady's frustration and possibly understand how she got to this point.

Apparently Michael Smith and his girlfriend have a camera monitoring the front door of their home in Detroit and when they reviewed the video after discovering a foreign substance on the front door, they couldn't believe what it was and who had put it there.

In a report from WXYZ TV in Detroit, when Smith discovered that the substance was dog feces and that it had been his neighbor who rubbed it on the door, he responded by saying, "Wow, that's crazy."

The neighbor was Brenda Mullins and not only is Brenda not denying her actions at all, she's not at all sorry for them either.  According to the video, Brenda states that Smith's dog had been pooping in her yard for a while and she had grown tired of it.  She even says, "You didn't want to clean it up here, you'll clean it up there."  "I did what I had to do."

When asked what she would say to people who would tell her that she took things too far, Brenda responded, "Well, I feel like I took it further than I wanted to.  But, what was I supposed to do?  I got to prove a point too."

What would you have done, if talking to the neighbor didn't bring resolution the issue?


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