If you think you have had too much internet today, you are wrong. As if a dog biting a “chunk” off your face as a child isn't traumatic enough, a poor woman is now growing pubic hair on her cheek. Seriously, literal pubic hair is growing on her face. This all happened after a skin graft was taken from her groin as a child and was used to repair the chunk missing from her face.

Crystal Coombs visits with the Botched doctors and shares her story hoping that they can help her, and hopefully repair her face after several years. The Botched doctors pointed out that the surgeon did a stellar job with the surgery, but they were perplexed as to why the surgeon chose to take skin from the groin.

You can watch the full episode on eonline.com or tune in for more episodes of Botched on Monday at 9 p.m., on E!

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