The dawn of a new year usually means new laws going into effect and the beginning of 2018 is no exception for Louisiana. Almost two dozen new statues take effect with the new year, adding rules and regulations for things like drivers training and tax laws to name just a couple.

According to, new statutes include public high schools are being "urged" to keep defibrillators on campus, but is mandated only  "if funding is available."

Also, according to

"Drivers working to get their licenses can expect lessons on how to respond to police during a traffic stop.

A bill by Sen. Ryan Gatti, a Bossier City Republican, adds "appropriate driver conduct when stopped by a law enforcement officer" to content requirements for driver education courses and the driving test required to get a license.

Supporters said the legislation is aimed at decreasing tensions between officers and motorists to keep encounters from becoming violent or deadly. Louisiana's police chiefs and sheriffs supported the measure."

And, the says, changes to the tax laws have been kept to a minimum:

"A new individual income tax check-off will be available for people who want to donate a portion of their refunds to the Louisiana Horse Rescue Association, starting in the 2018 tax year.

A tax credit available to doctors and dentists who work in rural, underserved areas has been broadened slightly , to include primary care nurse practitioners.

And a personal income tax break up to $5,000 is being offered by the state for renovations made to homes of people who have physical disabilities that require "barrier-free design elements" in a residence."

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