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Miranda Lambert

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With each album, Miranda continues to evolve her sound, and Four The Record is no exception. Tracks like “Fine Tune” illustrate that the 27-year old Texan is more than willing to take risks. Miranda uses a sexy R&B groove, fuzzy slide guitar and distorted vocals to push through the metaphor of getting a love tune-up. She sings of her engine of a heart that would not start before a big hook noting symptoms like, my pulse was nearly gone/ I was almost in need of a defibrillator. Album opener “All Kinds of Kinds” discusses carnival folk, fetish prone politicians and self-medicating pharmacists without condemnation, but a general wave of acceptance that, Ever since the beginning, to keep the world spinning/ It takes all kinds of kinds. The subject matter is no doubt edgy, but Miranda is unwilling to ignore society’s truths. --Daryl Addison

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