We've heard the rumors and whispers that Disney was sucking up A-list stars to bring operation "Live-Action Everything" to life.  We've all seen the success of the program when the mouse unleashed Beauty and the Beast starring Emma Watson.  That movie has brought in about $1.2 billion world wide so far.  That's enough for Disney heads to decide that 22 is good round number for live-action remakes of their classic movies.

One part of the formula that they have absolutely down pat is star power.  It's no coincidence that Hermonie Granger was chosen for the part of Belle.  She can act and sing, plus she comes with a built in fan-base from her Harry Potter days that also grew up watching Beauty and the Beast over and over again on home video.

The next target of this unstoppable star-powered remake machine is the classic Aladdin.  According to Popculture.com, the star that has been chosen to fill Robin Williams shoes in the extremely over the top role of the All-Powerful Genie of the Lamp is none other than the Fresh Prince himself - Will Smith!

Will Smith Aladdin Genie
Jamie McCarthy, Getty Images

This has got to be a huge challenge for any actor.  Robin Williams turned in what is arguably the greatest comedic performance in an animated film when he voiced the blue ball of magical fun.  In my humble opinion, Will Smith has the chops to pull it off. With the incredible effects available and his Big Willy style, I am sure we can all get Jiggy with it.  Even your parents will understand.

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