Louisiana's Solicitor General Liz Murrill talks about the state's court fight to prohibit the implementation of more federal regulations on the state's energy industry.

What did Biden do?

The Louisiana suit challenges the Joe Biden executive order implementing "carbon costs" on energy producers for new exploration, drilling and production.

"It's a killer for energy projects," says Murrill, explaining how how the mandates make the cost of doing business prohibitive for energy companies, especially Louisiana's natural gas producers. "(The Biden Administration) applies the social cost of carbon numbers, which is a way to monetize greenhouse gas emissions like carbon or methane. It's just a way to kill the fossil fuel industry."

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And will the injunction stop the radical Greens?

Murrill then explains how the suit seeks to, temporarily at least, put a legal stop to the feds intervention. "This is a preliminary injunction, which means that if (the judge) issues the injunction the government will likely appeal...and ask the 5th Circuit to issue a stay. We're just going to be continuing in litigation and hopefully, if the judge issues the injunction, it will give relief and a little more predictability."

And she then emphasizes that the administration's end game is to price America's energy industry out of business. "That's the bigger problem here," Murrill says, "The energy industry has no predictability. there's so much instability. All these rules they keep issuing...and trying to withdraw the Trump administration reforms. They're trying to replace them with things that are radically, radically bad for the energy industry. We just have to keep fighting."

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