Simple answer, no! While I picked Corinne to make it to the final from day 1 she is not my pick to win or to be the next bachelorette. It's no secret that she is one of the most hated contestants in Bachelor history but you cannot deny that she knows exactly what she's doing... Just ask Taylor!

I look for Corinne to be on the Bachelor in Paradise. However it's pretty clear Corinne isn't looking for love but to expand her modeling career and more music videos like the one below... (Warning the video is NSFW and you see her around 2mins in)

But who will be the next Bachelorette?

My guess is Danielle Maltby from Nashville for the next Bachelorette! Danielle is well liked by fans and has an intense backstory about her fiance dieing from a drug overdose that producers could use to develop her story... Let's be real TV producers will look for anything to help ratings. Oh and she was also in a music video check it out below!

My pick to win season 17 is between Danielle M or Dallas native Rachel! We saw Nicks connection with Rachel when he gave her the first impression rose on night one and then on their one-on-one in New Orleans. If he's actually looking for love(Which I don't believe he is) then he will end up picking one of those two.

Tonight's episode is looking to be crazy with Taylor refusing to leave and storming back in during the middle of Nick and Corinnes dinner... I'm calling this episode The Bachelor: Taylor Strikes Back!

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