According to Coast to Coast, Washington state is trying to pass a new legislation to sale Sasquatch license plates with money raised going to benefit park maintenance. I think this is an awesome idea.

Wheeland Brothers - Big Ol' Christmas Tree (feat. Bigfoot)- Youtube

Think about the environment and conservation efforts that could be raised with the sale of these license plates. That and its super cool!

According to the DMV, Louisiana has several license plates that benefit organizations already and some just for fun. For example here are some of the specialty license plates that are currently available: Camp Woodmen, Louisiana Seafood, New Orleans Saints, Protect Our Forest, Town of Ball.

I think Louisiana should have a Bigfoot license plate and put that money toward park and wild life preservation. According to BFRO (Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization), in the last year 2 Bigfoot sightings took place in Grant Parish and in St. Landry Parish.

I am just saying that this would be pretty cool and it would help out the state financially.

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