There's now a robot that is programmed to babysit your children! The 3ft creepy robot has a surveillance cam, a touch screen tablet and tons of apps all to look after your children. And to make it even worse the robot is designed to learn and study your child so that it can better take care of them while you're away.

The IPal made in Japan will remember your child's routine that you've setup so that your child brushes their teeth and goes to bed at the time you've selected. Developers say that the IPal is not just a robot without feelings it is designed as a “emotion management system” to respond in the correct manner if your child is sad, hungry, happy or whatever other emotion.

This is just weird!

The IPal has not yet made it's way to America but you can probably guess the robot will not come cheap... Which is fine because I'd never buy one! Find out more details HERE

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