The city of Shreveport held vaccination events on Saturday, August 7th, and vaccinated more than 250 people. Sounds like a great turn out right? Not so much. The clinics that were set up had employees of LSU Health Shreveport administering the Pfizer vaccine.

The clinics were anticipating several residents to show up. Why? The first 500 people to show up got $100. If you're doing the math, yes, that's $50,000 for Shreveport residents. The funding all came from the American Rescue Plan.

Those who did receive their vaccine can pick up their first $50 check at Government Plaza as early as Wednesday, August 11th. Those vaccinated will receive their second $50 check once they get their second Pfizer vaccine.

According to KTBS the $100 incentive per person wasn't enough to convince many Shreveport residents to go out and get their vaccination. Over $24,000 was left unclaimed by Shreveport residents. The question remains. Why?

According to MSNBC, Louisiana broke its own record on Tuesday, August 5th after reporting 128 new coronavirus hospitalizations breaking the record set on January 6th when there were 2,069 people hospitalized with coronavirus statewide. Many in Louisiana are scrambling to get their vaccines to avoid being on a hospital bed with COVID-19, but it isn't enough.

If Louisiana is in the horrid shape it's in and we are hearing hospitals cry out for more staff then why are people still not getting vaccinated. If cash can't motivate people to get the vaccine then is it a lost cause? Should the city of Shreveport just quit trying to incentivize people to get the vaccine?

Why did the cash for vaccine initiative fail in Shreveport?

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