Get ready, Mardi Gras season is upon us. Here in Louisiana, King Cake is no joke. We take the delicious dessert so seriously we even have King Cake soda by Abita and King Cake ice cream by Blue Bell. With Mardi Gras basically going virtual all throughout Louisiana one of the only untouched and not canceled items when it comes to the carnival season is king cake.

There are many places that sell King Cake, the first king cake I ever tried was from Tubbs Cajun Gifts, and I feel it is one of the best King Cakes in town.

I bought some Tubb's King Cake for friends and they swear it's the best so now I have to purchase a King Cake before I visit them in Dallas. Since Tubbs, I have tried Lilah's. Lowder's, Claudia's (sold at PJ's Coffee), and Southern Maid Donuts King Cakes. Can I just say, they are all amazing so far? Is there such a thing as a bad King Cake?

Krystal Montez

My co-worker Greg Atoms tried the Southern Maid Donuts King Cake for the first time last year and he swore the competition is over. His exact words were, "With apologies to whoever it may concern: THE KING CAKE GAME IS OVER.
Southern Maid has the greatest king cake of all time. ALL. TIME."

Where do you go to get your King Cake fix? Tell us about the bakery or store where you know they have the best King Cake. We know there are several places in the Ark-La-Tex that have the King Cake connection. Tag your favorite king cake maker in the comments or message me by clicking here.


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