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Look, as far as I'm concerned, Ed Orgeron should have a lifetime contract to be the Head Football Coach at LSU. He's got a National Championship, brought the greatest college football season in history to LSU, and embodies the state.

But I'm realistic, LSU fans aren't always realistic. IF Coach O doesn't win more National Championships, people in the state will want him gone. Heck, even if he only loses one game a year, people would still want him gone.

So if Coach O were to leave LSU, who could replace him? We've looked at the names thrown out by reporters and fans, and came up with a big list of the most common names being mentioned.

Who Could Be The Next LSU Football Coach?

It's no secret that LSU Football Head Coach Ed Orgeron is on the hot seat. But even if Coach O was going to go somewhere, replacing him wouldn't be easy. Here are some of the names that fans and reporters have suggested could be a on list to replace Coach O.

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