Lately Evan Felker the front man for the Turnpike Troubadours has been getting a lot of press. Sources close to his ex wife are claiming Felker and Miranda Lambert had an affair. Before we all get caught up on who cheated on who and who deserves karma, lets discuss why Miranda Lambert wanted Turnpike Troubadours to open for her back in February. Simply put this Red Dirt country band can sell out any kind of benefit or concert in the area. Their story telling and unique sound has helped them create a one of a kind following. From "Bossier City" that has a Cajun feel good sound to the raw and real feeling of "7&7". Here are some of Turnpike Troubadours best songs, you can get your Turnpike Troubadour fix every Saturday night at 7 on Radio Texas Live with Buddy Logan right here!

5. "Down Here"- just yells comrade and brother. "You'll be alright, you'll be fine. You can have a nickel outta my last dime. The moon is bright and you're alright down here"

4. "Every Girl"- A girl who doesn't fit the mold is the perfect girl. So she isn't a blue eyed, blonde body shaped like an hour glass but she's the best girl you've ever known? Dedicate her this one.

3. "7&7"- Talk about the one who got away, then you run into her at the supermarket with her kids and husband. YIKES! Turnpike Troubadours do such a great job painting pictures and telling stories.

2. "Shreveport"- Goal number one, don't go to jail, especially in Shreveport. We all have a friend who's taken the gambling and drinking a little too far in Shreve City. Make sure the party boy or woohoo girl in your group hears this one.

1."Gin Smoke, Lies"- Probably the song that has been dedicated to a cheater or two. The song will get stuck in your head be warned.


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