We all have those little things that drive us crazy and now with social media we can instantly take to twitter to let our concerns be heard. Sean Spicer has made it very clear that he has it out for Dippin Dots! It's not clear when or how this feud started but he's been going off on twitter about the ice cream brand for over 5 years now.

He wants you to know that despite their slogan Dippin Dots is NOT the ice cream of the future!

As you can see Sean Spicer has held this grudge for years! While personally I like Dippin Dots I have to say Ben & Jerry's is the best and the ice cream of my future.

The CEO from Dippin Dots has since responded and hopefully in 2017 not only can we see our country unite but also our favorite deserts!

Somewhere Joe Biden is smiling while eating 2 ice cream cones...

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