It looks like they dug deep into the archives for Louisiana's pick.

Don't you just love film? It's storytelling at its finest. We see stories of the human race told on the big screen. We can be moved by these films, inspired to take action or simply leave with a smile on our faces. This happens most often with films that take place in our surroundings or really capture the spirit of our home.

Entertainment Weekly caught onto this concept.

The publication took at look at some iconic films in the history of cinematography and came up with the "United States of Movies." This list assigns a movie to each state. That movie is an embodiment of the state and "best captures the spirit and story of each state."

For Louisiana, it's A Streetcar Named Desire.

As much as I am a film buff, I have yet to see this one. But I do have it recorded off of TCM on my DVR. Now, I have to make it a priority to watch it. This classic was released in 1951 and Entertainment Weekly described it like this...

New Orleans is a city eternally preserved in the liquidy black-and-white lust of Tennessee Williams' pinnacle drama.

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