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So last month something crazy happened in the Utah desert. The Utah Bureau of Land Management confirmed that a big, metallic, "monolith" structure was discovered in the desert.

Of course, the internet went crazy.

We were already told in 2020 that aliens exist, and they've visited Earth. The Pentagon even released video footage to prove it. So finding something like this randomly in the desert is pretty on par for the year.

But just as fast as it was discovered, the item in the Utah desert disappeared.

The Utah part of the story is weird enough, but it's 2020, so you know it had to get weirder.

As the one in Utah was vanishing, another one was found. But not in the same desert, or even the same state, or even the same country. The next "monolith" was found in Romania, on the side of a hill.

However, just like the first one in Utah, this "monolith" has also suddenly disappeared

So now that it's on the move again (or at least something like the first one), where could we find the next "monolith"? Maybe in a new country, or maybe back to the US? Maybe, just maybe, we could find the next one in Louisiana.

The first two were found in remote areas, so if that is how these "monoliths" will continue to work, we should be thinking of something like Port Sulphur, or Chauvin, or Cameron Parish. But there's another potential landing spot we should consider...

Barksdale Airforce Base seems to attract weird stuff every now and then. From weird lights to the Barksdale Bubble phenomenon, to the loud booms that randomly emanate from the base, there are a lot of weird things that happen over there. So we shouldn't be shocked if we see a "monolith" pop up over there some time soon.

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