Any time we get remotely close to the summer season, I start craving some delicious, hot-off-the-grill barbecue.

It's that time of year when I start to get a craving for something grilled, smoked, or smothered in delicious sauce. It's time for barbecue and what I love about this food group (yes, I've deemed it its own group), is that every state does it differently. Every state has its own unique preparation, technique and flavor. In my opinion, you can never find bad barbecue.

But where can you find the best?

Ente a site called, who has taken it upon themselves to create a list of the top barbecue joints in each state across the country. The photos alone in their slide show demonstrate the uniqueness of each state and their take on barbecue. One thing remains the same however, we all crave it.

So let's take a look at their top picks for the Ark-La-Tex.

Arkansas - Jones Bar-B-Q Diner: I feel like those restaurants that spell barbecue with simple letters are usually the best. First We Feast mentions that Jones Bar-B-Q, located in Marianna, Akransas, received a James Beard award for the taste of their pork. Get it served on white bread, with slaw and sauce.

Louisiana - Johnson's Boucaniere: I know, the name sounds a little too french however, the guys from First We Feast raved about their smoked ribs, pork and sausage. Of course, you'll also find delicious boudin and even some brisket on a biscuit for breakfast at this Lafayette joint.

Texas - Louie Mueller Barbecue: Located in Taylor, Texas, First We Feast hails Louie Mueller for their prime brisket and beef ribs. In addition to the intense flavor, they say you'll love the atmosphere that is almost stereotypical of a hole-in-the-wall barbecue joint.

Now my mouth is watering.

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