Last week's big news was that DirecTV and Viacom couldn't come to a rate agreement leading to the loss of 26 channels for DirecTV customers. Channels including: Nickelodeon, MTV, CMT, Spike, VH1, and Comedy Central. If you are a DirecTV customer, how has this sudden programming change affected you? Are you going to switch television providers?


The rate increase proposed by Viacom would have reportedly cost a couple pennies per day per DirecTV subscriber, but DirecTV said no deal. Resulting in the loss of Snookie and Spongebob for 20 million DirecTV subscribers.

Our questions:

What are you going to do if Viacom and DirecTV do not reach an agreement?

Will you make a television provider switch?

What company will you switch to? What shows do you miss the most?

Full list of all channels dropped from DirecTV